Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Happy little cells

I have got Cartoon cells

Our whole body is made up of billions of cells. To me, it helps a lot to pay attention to our body cells. If they are happy and healthy we will be happy and healthy too.

Do you know in our brain, there is a group of cells called "cartoon cells" which recognizes particularly only cartoons and comic characters?

Likewise, we have "architecture" cells which are into buildings and structures, "food cells" which are in charge of nutrition, "buddha cells" which listen to mantra chanting, and etc. Find out more from Oliver Sacks in this fascinating talk, on how the visual cells can actually help a blind to see again.

Designer Life

Design with a purpose

I once saw a building designed by Philippe Starck in Tokyo, near Asakusa to be exact.

It was literally a pretty modern architecture with a stroke of gold on top of it. Some said it looks like a carrot, but he claimed it was the head of the beer. Well, it is a building for Asahi after all.

Another building, outrageous from its appearance, is called Nani Nani, which literally translates to "what is it, what is it?" The owner of the building, Rikugo, came to see Philippe's masterpiece, upon seeing the structure the client exclaimed in disbelief.

Here's one interesting talk by Mr Philippe himself. Funny but thought provoking!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

apple talk

How death can help you

Mac changed the way people look at personal computers.

Ipod changed the way people listen to music.

Iphone changed the way people communicate.

And now Ipad may change the way you surf the net.

The man behind all these, Steve Jobs, is sharing with you how being dropped out, getting fired and facing death can help you eventually.

Creative writing

Amy Tan on creative writing

Image speaks

Learn from kids

Learn from Kids today